Protecting Your Liberty. Defending Your Rights.

If you face criminal charges, it’s essential to have the right lawyer working for you.

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Understand Your Rights

Too many people do not understand their rights and legal options and how to best act on them. This leaves people facing criminal penalties far more severe than what they would have faced had they received legal advice from an experienced professional familiar with the criminal legal system.

My name is Bernard J. Brown and I have dedicated my career to criminal defense legal services to clients throughout Carbondale, Pennsylvania, and throughout northeastern Pennsylvania. I guide clients through a wide variety of charges, including domestic violence, sex crimes, theft and white-collar crimes.

Defending the accused in Lackawanna County since 2007.

You Are Presumed Innocent

Police and prosecutors will want to prevent you from defending yourself because they have already decided you are guilty. At my firm, Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law, I never let any jury, judge or client forget one simple fact: a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

I make a promise to every client to fight hard to protect the presumption of innocence. I fight as hard as anyone to keep that promise.

Available When You Need It

My legal judgment is shaped by both law books and real-world legal experience. I understand the urgency most face when charged with a crime. You want to speak to someone right away, and for that reason I am available 24 hours-a-day.

My 24-hour availability often means the difference between spending the night in jail and waking up in one’s own home in the morning.

Photo of Bernard J. Brown

Meet Attorney Bernard J. Brown

I have spent a career fighting for my clients’ rights and demanding justice when they have been falsely accused.

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