Violent Crimes And Assault Defense Lawyer: Lackawanna County And Surrounding Areas

The law firm of Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law, assists clients facing the most serious criminal charges a citizen of our society can face, including murder, domestic assault and child-related sex crimes. He understands that his clients are depending on him to defend their future. This understanding motivates his case preparation and the effort he makes to challenge the case against you before it even gets in front of a judge or jury. He can help you understand your legal options so you can make informed decisions with respect to protecting your rights during the legal process.

Many people will want to prevent you from defending yourself because they have already decided you are guilty. Bernard J. Brown has dedicated his career to diligently fighting on behalf of criminal defendants to protect their right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Violent Sex Crime Defense Attorney: Scranton And Northeastern Pennsylvania

Bernard J. Brown regularly advises clients facing charges for the most serious violent crimes, including:

Attorney Bernard J. Brown possesses a detailed understanding of the criminal legal system. He can provide his clients with legal judgment shaped both by the law books as well as by how the law is actually practiced in the real world. He can help you understand matters such as the prosecutor or judge involved in your case may affect the legal strategies you pursue. Mr. Brown understands that knowing the opposition and the arena forms an essential part of any criminal defense representation.

Rape, Domestic Violence And Other Violent Crimes

To schedule an initial consultation with an experienced violent crimes and assault defense attorney serving Lackawanna County, Carbondale, Pennsylvania, and its nearby communities, call lawyer Bernard J. Brown: 570-281-8117. You can also make an appointment by contacting the firm online. All communications between potential clients and the firm are kept completely confidential.