Lackawanna County Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

Few criminal charges carry a more negative stigma than do crimes related to children. For this reason, defending yourself against charges of child abuse requires you to find an attorney completely dedicated to protecting your name.

Bernard J. Brown is exactly that kind of attorney. He makes all of his clients' causes his own. He diligently works to protect his clients' rights throughout the criminal defense legal process to ensure that their reputation is protected. Mr. Brown works hard to ensure that his clients' rights are observed and that they truly benefit from the adage, "Innocent Till Proven Guilty." This is no small task in today's 24-hour media world.

Many people will want to prevent you from defending yourself because they have already decided you are guilty. Bernard J. Brown has dedicated his career to diligently fighting on behalf of criminal defendants to protect their right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Northeastern Pennsylvania And Scranton Area CPS Defense Attorney

Attorney Bernard J. Brown possesses an intimate understanding of the criminal legal system. As a result, he provides his child abuse defense clients with legal judgment shaped both by the law books as well as by how the law is actually practiced in the real world. He considers which prosecutor or judge is involved in your case and how that may affect the legal strategies chosen. Mr. Brown understands that knowing your opposition and the arena forms an essential part of any criminal defense representation.

Upon being retained, the firm begins work immediately to gather the evidence being used against you. Mr. Brown analyzes it for himself so he can provide his clients with a candid and frank opinion regarding their legal options. This openness creates the kind of attorney-client relationship that maximizes the likelihood of successful representation. With this knowledge in hand, Mr. Brown can advise you as to your available legal options and how to achieve them. He works collaboratively with all of his child abuse defense clients to challenge the prosecution's evidence before your case even gets to court.

Carbondale Area Defense Attorney: Child Neglect And Abuse Charges

To speak with an experienced Carbondale, Pennsylvania, and Lackawanna County area child abuse defense attorney, please call the office of lawyer Bernard J. Brown: 570-281-8117. You can also make an appointment by contacting the firm online. All communications between potential clients and the firm are kept completely confidential.