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Domestic violence used to only mean a husband and wife situation. Today, domestic violence includes violence between roommates, relatives, and live-in boyfriends and girlfriends, among others.

Many people do not understand, however, that once an arrest is made, the matter cannot be controlled by the victim of the domestic abuse. "Sorry" does not stop the wheels of justice from turning. The prosecutor in this scenario holds the ultimate discretion (decision).

Many people will want to prevent you from defending yourself because they have already decided you are guilty. Bernard J. Brown has dedicated his career to diligently fighting on behalf of criminal defendants to protect their right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

For all of these reasons, you want experienced legal counsel. Attorney Bernard J. Brown possesses a detailed understanding of the criminal legal system. He can provide his clients with legal judgment shaped both by the law books as well as by how the law is actually practiced in the real world.

He can help you understand how a particular prosecutor or judge being assigned to your case may affect the legal strategies you pursue. Mr. Brown understands that knowing the opposition and the arena forms an essential part of any criminal defense representation. This becomes extremely important in a domestic violence matter because the prosecutor must be dealt with on a very professional and detailed level when assessing whether to prosecute your case.

Domestic Assault Defense Attorney: Carbondale And Northeastern Pennsylvania

Two issues should be kept in mind by people facing domestic violence charges:

  • Prior acts may be considered. Often called a "404b" issue after the legal code provision in which it is found, the prior acts doctrine means that the court will consider prior bad acts in previous domestic violence disturbances when assessing your case.
  • If a child is not the victim of the domestic violence, but nevertheless sees or hears the violence, the child may be allowed to testify without allowing your lawyer to ask the child any questions in your defense. Mr. Brown, an experienced child abuse defense attorney, understands how to handle this very delicate issue in a way that protects the child while also observing your legal right to defend yourself in court.

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