Lackawanna County Area Murder Defense Lawyer

Facing murder or manslaughter charges means your liberty and very often your life are at stake. Unfortunately, too few clients understand their rights and how to properly defend them. A complicated and intricate legal system often poses an overwhelming obstacle to people seeking to defend themselves in the justice system.

Many people will want to prevent you from defending yourself because they have already decided you are guilty. Bernard J. Brown has dedicated his career to diligently fighting on behalf of criminal defendants to protect their right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Bernard J. Brown possesses an intimate understanding of the criminal legal system. He understands how to challenge the evidence against you, sometimes before the case even gets in front of a judge.

As a result, he provides his clients with legal judgment shaped both by the law books as well as by how the law is actually practiced in the real world. He includes in his advice a consideration of matters such as which prosecutor or judge is involved in your case and how that may affect the legal strategies chosen. Mr. Brown understands that knowing your opposition and the arena forms an essential part of any criminal defense representation.

Homicide Defense Lawyer: Serving Carbondale And All Of Northeastern Pennsylvania

Mr. Brown's entire office appreciates the urgency most clients face when charged with murder or manslaughter. To best meet this need, Mr. Brown maintains literally 24-hour availability. For clients, this availability often means the difference between spending the night in jail and waking up in one's own home in the morning.

Mr. Brown makes his clients' causes his own. He takes very seriously the responsibilities they are regularly entrusting to him by hiring him when clients facing murder or manslaughter charges. He diligently provides his clients with the legal knowledge and information they need to make informed decisions about their own futures. Mr. Brown always ensures that his clients receive candid and frank legal counseling so they know at all times exactly where their cases stand.

Murder And Manslaughter Defense Attorney: Scranton and Carbondale Areas

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