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Legal resources for sex crimes charges

Sex crimes charges can be complex for a variety of reasons and can have a significant impact on the accused individual's future and freedom. Accused individuals not only face the potential consequences associated with the legal process but can also face potentially significant consequences related to a job or housing and in both their professional and personal lives.

Individuals who have been accused of committing a sex crime should be familiar with their legal protections and rights. They should immediately understand their criminal defense rights and options for facing the charges they have been accused of. It may be possible to challenge police conduct if it violated procedures designed to protect accused individuals, challenge the facts as asserted by authorities or present other challenges to mitigate the charges the accused individual is facing and the impact of those charges.

Everything families should know about domestic violence charges

Domestic violence is a term we are all familiar with but it can be useful to have a discussion of what the term refers in the legal sense and what the consequences are for domestic violence charges. Domestic violence can impact any family including families and individuals in many different situations.

Domestic violence can take a variety of different forms so it is helpful to know what those are. Domestic violence can include physical violence; sexual abuse; emotional abuse; economic abuse; and psychological abuse. Domestic violence can also include threats, stalking and cyberstalking. The general definition of domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior used by one intimate partner to control another intimate partner. Domestic violence typically involves a pattern of abusive behavior that is used to establish and maintain control over the intimate partner.

The best approach to drunk driving charges

Each year thousands of Pennsylvania residents are arrested on drunk driving charges. The circumstances that lead to these arrests can be quite varied but, in most cases, a law enforcement officer will allegedly view some traffic violation, initiate a traffic stop and only once coming into contact with the driver might the officer believe that the driver is under the influence of alcohol. So, what is the best approach to fighting drunk driving charges in Pennsylvania?

Well, the approaches to these types of cases can be as varied as the circumstances in which they arise. For some people, the best approach is to seek the best possible plea bargain. For others, it may be best to attempt to get some of the evidence that the prosecution will try to use in the case suppressed. And, for some, the best approach is to fight the case all the way to a trial in front of a jury of peers.

What is "white collar crime"?

"White collar crime" is a term most of us have heard before, but you may have wondered to yourself exactly what it refers to and what it means. One thing that is important to understand about white collar crime is that it includes a group of crimes that are taken seriously and can lead to significant potential penalties and consequences.

White collar crime refers to a category of crimes that typically involve deceit that is used for financial gain. Specific white collar crimes include fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion and money laundering. Fraud refers to the use of deception for monetary gain. One example of a fraud crime is securities fraud. Securities fraud is oftentimes referred to as "insider trading" and involves the use of inside information to conduct investment trades in violation of a duty or obligation.

Can I face drug charges for prescription drugs?

Criminal charges are possible related to the abuse of prescription drugs and the illegal sale of prescription drugs. It is both illegal to use prescription drugs without a prescription that is valid and to distribute prescription drugs that are illegally obtained without a valid prescription and there are potential criminal penalties for doing both. Potential penalties and consequences for any type of drug charges can be severe.

The penalties for illegally using or selling prescription drugs vary by state so it is important to be familiar with the laws in your state and the potential penalties in your state. Prescription drugs can be obtained in various illegal ways by pharmacists illegally selling them, other medical professionals stealing and selling them, through fraudulent prescriptions or the practice of doctor shopping by going to multiple doctors to obtain prescriptions.

Former government employee facing embezzlement charges

Criminal charges can change an accused individual's life forever. In a Pennsylvania community, just a couple of hours south of the Carbondale area, a woman is facing charges she embezzled public funds. The 36-year-old woman is accused of embezzling over $200,000 from local taxpayers. She is facing six counts, including theft by unlawful taking, theft by deception, receiving stolen property and theft by failure to make required disposition of funds received.

According to authorities, the investigation began last year when they were tipped off by the woman's supervisor. Cash receipts for tax payments from residents were allegedly found in the woman's desk drawer. The supervisor compared computer records of tax payments, and reported to authorities that the amounts noted on the receipts allegedly found in the woman's desk drawer had not been posted in the electronic computer system.

The serious nature of drug charges and potential penalties

Drug charges are always serious charges that carry potentially stiff consequences and penalties. A good criminal defense may be able to reduce the charges the accused individual is facing, or reduce the potential penalties the accused individual is facing, so accused individuals should always be familiar with their criminal defense rights and options.

Drug charges can lead to incarceration, steep fines and probation. Mandatory minimum sentences can apply to charges based on the amount of drugs the accused individual is alleged to have been in possession of. In addition, potential penalties and consequences can increase if the accused individual has faced drug charges in the past. Drug charges can result in a loss of freedom as well as the accused individual's ability to possess a firearm and can also limit their future educational, employment and housing opportunities.

What are money laundering charges?

Money laundering is a type of white collar crime and the penalties and consequences for money laundering can be serious. Money laundering charges can also be complex, so it is important to understand what it involves if you are facing money laundering accusations or charges.

The purpose of money laundering is to falsely create the appearance that money that has been obtained from criminal activity originated from a legitimate, non-criminal source. Money laundering involves concealing the true source of large amounts of money obtained through criminal activity, such as drug trafficking, terrorist activity or another illegal source.

The basics of cybercrime and serious criminal charges

This blog recently discussed what child pornography charges include and, because many of them involve the use of a computer, it can be useful to also understand what qualifies as a "cybercrime," which refers to a variety of online activities that may be criminal and do not all refer, certainly, to sex crimes. To begin with, some cybercrimes are unique to online activity, such as hacking, while others are common crimes committed using a computer, like larceny or fraud.

Different state computer crime laws make it a crime to engage in certain behaviors without authorization, including: improperly accessing a computer, computer system or computer network; modifying, damaging, using, disclosing, copying or taking programs or data; introducing a virus or other contaminant into a computer system; using encryption in aid of a crime; falsifying email source information; interfering with the computer use or access of someone else; or stealing information from a service provider.

What are child pornography charges?

There is little doubt that you are aware that child pornography charges are serious criminal charges but you may wonder exactly what they refer to and what the potential penalties are. Under both federal and state laws it is crime to possess, produce, distribute or sell pornographic materials that exploit or portray minors. Minors are considered children under the age of 18. Child pornography can include serious potential criminal penalties, as well as personal and social consequences, that the accused individual should be aware of.

Child pornography laws are being used increasingly to punish the use of computer technology and the Internet related to obtaining, sharing and distributing pornographic material that involves children which may include pornographic images or films. Individuals accused of committing child pornography-related crimes can face both or either federal and state laws and the stiff penalties that accompany each.

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