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Fight in Scranton home leads to assault charge

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2013 | Violent Crimes

Allegations of assault can have long-term consequences for the accused. Sometimes relatively minor physical contact falls into the assault category, while other cases involve allegations of extreme violence. Defendants facing either type of situation have a right to defend against the charge.

A man and a woman from Easton are up against criminal charges after an alleged assault at a home in Scranton. According to a witness, a dispute over a cellphone led to a fight between two men, one of whom ended up getting stabbed in the leg.

The witness, who apparently owns the cellphone in question, said that during the altercation, a 27-year-old woman handed a knife to a 38-year-old man, who then stabbed the other man while holding him down. The woman who allegedly provided the knife also helped hold down the victim, according to the witness.

The injured man called 911, and the accused parties were arrested. The woman is now facing charges of reckless endangerment, making terroristic threats and conspiracy to commit simple assault. The charges against the man include simple assault with a deadly weapon, attempted simple assault and making terroristic threats. Each party will need a strong criminal defense.

Violent crime charges are aggressively prosecuted in Pennsylvania, but that does not mean an allegation will automatically lead to a conviction. In some cases, witness statements are unreliable, or the accusations are simply false. Police officers also make procedural mistakes that can lead to evidence being kept out of court. In any case, defendants should be aware of their rights.

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