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December 2013 Archives

Criminal charges for illegal drug distribution in Pennsylvania

Local authorities in Pennsylvania are doing their best to shut down the heroin market throughout the state. In particular, the drug task force in Wayne County recently arrested two individuals for possession and intent to distribute, both felony charges. These criminal charges carry stiff penalties including jail or prison time and fines.

Former PA youth pastor ordered to register as sex offender

Megan's Law is a general name for laws that require state and local authorities to provide information about people who have been convicted of sex crimes. Each state decides exactly how this information is made available to the public, and in Pennsylvania, people who have been convicted of a sexual offense may find their names and other identifying details, such as place of employment, published on a state website.

Edwardsville man acquitted of DUI charges

Despite what prosecutors would have us believe, allegations of drunk driving are not always simple, and a DUI charge does not automatically lead to a conviction. Defendants have the right to challenge the legitimacy of the prosecution's evidence, which could be flawed if police failed to follow proper procedure or if the facts of the case don't match the charge.

Former Moosic firefighter sentenced for theft

When public officials or other prominent figures are accused of corruption or some other white collar crime, the allegations can sometimes split whole communities. That was the case in Moosic, where a former councilman and volunteer firefighter was accused of stealing nearly $400,000 in fire department funds.

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