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Crash leads to suspicion of DUI for underage Carbondale man

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2014 | Drunk Driving

It’s one of the most common legal problems faced by Americans: being charged with drunken driving. The consequences of a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania may include heavy fines, a driver’s license suspension, increased insurance rates, loss of employment and jail time. The penalties for a DUI conviction can be especially severe if a person was injured or killed as a result of a DUI crash.

A young Carbondale man was recently arrested in connection with an alleged DUI collision. The exact charges against the 20-year-old had not been reported as of Jan. 7, as police were waiting on the results of a blood-alcohol test. If charged and convicted, however, the young man could face serious penalties.

According to a news report, police were dispatched to an accident scene on South Main Street, and a witness claimed that a group of young people were the occupants of a small truck that had been involved in a series of collisions.

In a convenience store parking lot, police identified the man believed to be the driver. The officers claim that he admitted to hitting a utility pole. When asked if he had also hit a parked car in the area, the young man reportedly said that he didn’t believe so, but that he might have.

He reportedly told police that his truck was parked at his parents’ residence. He then went with the officers to the home, and the damaged vehicle was located.

A 21-year-old friend had also been riding in the truck bed when the crash happened. Police questioned him, and he said that before the crash, he tried to convince the driver to pull over and stop the vehicle. The witness, who reportedly suffered an arm injury in the accident, was taken to a hospital for treatment.

People who have been accused of DUI should understand that an allegation does not automatically lead to a conviction. It may be possible to negotiate for a favorable outcome, and in some cases, problems with the prosecution’s evidence can lead to a dismissal of charges. In any case, it is a good idea to speak with a defense attorney before making any statements to police.

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