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March 2014 Archives

Corruption charges will not be pursued against lawmakers

Pennsylvania public officials rely on their reputations in order to do their jobs. Without public confidence, people have very little hope of being re-elected or being able to get their job done. Therefore, public officials often need to vigorously defend themselves against public corruption charges. Even allegations of public corruption can seriously damage a person's political future.

Pennsylvania cop faces drunk driving charges

Many Pennsylvanians may choose to blow off steam after work or catch up with friends over a cocktail, glass of wine or a beer. While drinking and driving don't mix, false accusations alleging that someone was driving under the influence of alcohol can have a negative impact on one's career and personal life.

Teen faces criminal charges after incident at school

Some Pennsylvania residents might believe that a person charged with a crime will fit into one of several stereotypes. Whether the stereotypes are based on demographics, characteristics or other traits, there is almost always an exception to each stereotype that forces people to recognize that anyone from any walk of life can find herself subject to criminal charges.

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