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Assault charges face Pennsylvania man after resisting arrest

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2014 | Violent Crimes

Some crimes tend to elicit a greater reaction from both the public and law enforcement. This is often the case with violent crime, because people believe that those who commit crimes like assault are inherently dangerous. While this is sometimes true, many violent crimes are simply the result of a loss of self-control or flared tempers and no premeditated crime was contemplated. Nevertheless, the penalties for violent crimes can be severe, especially when the use of a weapon is involved or when violence is committed against a law enforcement officer.

A man from Carbondale, Pennsylvania is currently in jail on pending charges related to allegedly resisting arrest and assaulting two police officers. According the reports from the police involved, the man’s actions included pushing the officers and punching one of them in the face. The incident occurred when police were attempting to arrest the man at his home in response to a reported domestic dispute.

In Pennsylvania, a minor assault can be characterized as a simple misdemeanor. However, if the assault is committed against a law enforcement officer and serious injury to the officer results, the assault can be classified as aggravated assault, which is a felony that can result in a very lengthy prison sentence among other consequences. This can be devastating for a person who was simply reacting out of anger without intending to inflict serious harm.

When a Pennsylvania resident is facing charges relating to a violent crime, it is very important to analyze the actions allegedly committed and the evidence that the defendant actually committed those actions against the required legal elements to support a conviction. Such an analysis can reveal important defenses that can be raised to successfully prevent a conviction or it may reveal that the prosecution lacks critical evidence to support its case. In situations where evidence is lacking, defendants may be able to negotiate for a lesser sentence or reduced charges as a way to avoid the time and expense of a lengthy criminal trial and prevent some of the more serious legal consequences.

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