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Check writing leads to criminal charges for Pennsylvania man

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Although many Pennsylvania residents may believe that being accused of or charged with a violent crime is one of the most serious and stressful things that can happen, the implications of being charged with certain nonviolent crimes are sometimes just as severe. Despite the belief that people are innocent until proven guilty, many people reach their own conclusions as to a person’s guilt as soon as they hear about a person’s alleged criminal activity. As a result, it is often as important to work to defend one’s reputation after being charged with these kinds of crimes as it is to strongly defend against the criminal charges.

A Pennsylvania man has been charged with fraud-related crimes in two distinct alleged theft schemes. The authorities have accused the man of writing checks on a closed account. He faces several different criminal charges, including fraudulent business practices, theft by deception, and receiving stolen property, among others. He is currently detained in the York County Prison and faces criminal charges in two separate counties. Police searched his residence and reportedly obtained evidence that his actions affected residents of both Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Charges relating to financial crimes and fraud can be complex to defend against. Many people have inherent biases against those they believe have money that was improperly obtained, so the deck may be stacked against a person from the outset. However, the existence of incriminating evidence does not automatically guarantee a conviction. The prosecution must prove the existence of all the legal elements of a crime in accordance with the required legal standard in order to get a conviction.

When charges of theft or fraud are involved, knowing exactly what kind of evidence the prosecution has against a defendant can be extremely important. In many cases, the defendant may be able to challenge the way the evidence was obtained, which can result in the evidence’s exclusion from trial and completely shatter the prosecution’s case. In cases where a defendant may simply be a small player in a large fraud ring, the prosecution may be willing to negotiate for information, which can help a defendant avoid some of the more serious penalties of the criminal charges.

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