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Understanding the importance of criminal defense after arrest

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2014 | Criminal Defense

People in Carbondale may find themselves in trouble with the law after engaging in certain behavior or being accused of engaging in certain behavior.

Perhaps area residents have made mistakes and gotten involved in a situation that left them vulnerable to criminal charges. Someone may have been desperate to do things that were outside the law to make some quick money. It’s possible some individuals may have been coerced into taking part in activities that are considered felonies under the law. Maybe it was a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Regardless of the reason for an arrest, having a competent criminal defense lawyer can be the difference between facing long-term consequences and ending with a favorable result.

In America, those who are confronted with criminal charges are considered innocent until proven guilty. While there may be public opinion and extreme reactions to certain crimes, a person who is arrested does have rights.

For criminal cases, the prosecutor has a job to do and so does the defense. A defendant’s rights must be protected from the beginning and having a qualified attorney can help achieve that. Certain crimes have a greater stigma than others, making it even more imperative that a sound defense is planned immediately upon arrest.

Understanding the entire scope of the case, from the prosecutor’s history, to who the judge is, to how the courtroom is run, is very important and will help a quality defense lawyer organize a defense. Practical knowledge and legal knowledge will both be utilized in trying to gain an acquittal or receive favorable terms in a plea bargain. Whether it’s a drug case, sex crime, theft, violence, white collar crime or a weapons offense, an experienced attorney is the first call that the accused should make.

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