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Attorney Bernard Brown offers wide experience in criminal defense

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Being arrested is often a very stressful and overwhelming experience, and being charged with a crime can be one of life’s most terrifying experiences. Depending on the crime, one may face serious consequences, which is why it is important to aggressively defend the charges. Almost every person in these types of circumstances may have questions, and a strong criminal defense team could help lessen penalties or even dismiss criminal charges.

The cardinal rule for every person facing a criminal charge is complete candor. Virtually all contacts between a defendant and his attorney, whether verbal or written, are “privileged” – that is, the statements are confidential and cannot be used in evidence. This rule is intended to encourage the defendant to tell the attorney everything about the incident in question and to answer the lawyer’s questions completely and truthfully.

Some persons make the mistake of “editing the facts,” that is, omitting details because they think the information may harm their case. These people do not realize that lawyers are trained to analyze the facts and sort the important facts from the irrelevant facts. An attorney cannot do a proper job of defending his client if the client withholds information.

Occasionally, an omitted detail may form a critical part of the lawyer’s defense strategy. For example, the police may have gathered evidence without a search warrant or used portions of an invalid confession to find evidence. The failure of a defendant to tell the lawyer about such an occurrence will hurt the defense, not help it.

Bernard Brown is an able and experienced criminal defense lawyer. He has represented clients who charged with crimes ranging from white collar fraud to robbery to prescription drug crimes. He gives all of his clients the same careful preparation and single-minded devotion to defending the client against the charges at hand.

Source: For more information, please visit Bernard J. Brown Attorney at Law’s Criminal Defense page.