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Sex crime charges require careful, vigorous defense

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2014 | Sex Crimes

Hardly a day goes by without some new sex crime appearing in the papers or on television news shows. Virtually no other accusation carries with it the social stigma of an accusation of committing a sex crime. Even an acquittal cannot always remove the stain from the defendant’s reputation. For this reason alone, retaining a competent criminal defense attorney who has had experience with these kinds of crimes is essential.

A criminal defense attorney must, at a minimum, be well-schooled in the legal aspects of the criminal just system, but almost as important is knowledge about the persons who operate the system in a given jurisdiction. A professional relationship with the various prosecutors can help a defense attorney find out more about the prosecution’s evidence and enhance the chances of disposing of the case without a preliminary hearing or trial.

A thorough knowledge of the judges is also important. Some judges treat sex crime cases harshly, treating an accusation as the virtual equivalent of a jury verdict. Other judges may take a more lenient view, knowing that some sex crime defendants require more help than punishment. An attorney’s personal knowledge of judges and prosecutors is vital to an accurate assessment of the defendant’s case and to selecting the proper defense strategy.

Bernard J. Brown, an attorney located in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, has represented defendants who have been accused of sexual assault, child sexual abuse, rape and statutory rape and many other kinds of sex-related crimes. Mr. Brown is dedicated to defending his clients’ rights energetically and ethically.

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