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December 2014 Archives

Dad faces multiple felonies after underage daughter drives

Parents are more than the people that go to work to provide food, shelter, and comfort for their children. It is a parent's job to teach their child right from wrong and guide them along the right path, but parents are humans as well and are bound to make mistakes like everyone else. Although parents are allowed mistakes they can be held accountable for their and their children's missteps depending on the situation.

Woman arrested in fast food restroom after using heroin

Residents of Carbondale who are arrested on drug charges need to know what they're facing and how the details of the arrest will affect their future. Possession of drugs and the penalties accompanying these charges can vary depending on how much the arrested person was found with. If it is an amount that is believed to be for sale and distribution, then the penalties will be far more severe than for someone who might have had the drugs in his or her possession for personal use. Of course, those who are charged with any kind of drug infraction will have a great deal to worry about and they must know how to formulate a strong defense to avoid the harshest penalties on the criminal charges.

Increased drunk driving patrols nationally and in Pennsylvania

Drunk driving charges may provide an individual's first encounter with the criminal justice system, making it important for individuals accused of DUI to have as much information as possible. Nationally, police are increasing patrols for drunk driving throughout the holiday season. One regional Pennsylvania county only a couple of hours away reports that it will be increasing patrols for drunk driving in December through January 1, 2015. The nearby county reports that it is practicing a zero tolerance policy for drunk driving throughout the holidays. The drunk driving enforcement campaign is occurring throughout the country during the holiday season.

What is 'Megan's Law'?

The phrase "Megan's Law" is seen frequently in newspaper accounts of various sex crimes, but few people know exactly what the phrase means or how "Megan's Law" came into being. The phrase actually refers not to a single statute but to a series of Federal and state laws intended to place stringent controls on persons convicted of sex crimes.

Use of debit card leads to charges of theft and related crimes

A director of the Dickson City Civic Center will be required to stand trial on several white collar criminal charges, including device fraud, receiving stolen property and theft. The case provides an instructive catalog of various white collar crimes that occur when a public official has access to an organization's bank accounts and credit cards.

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