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Increased drunk driving patrols nationally and in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2014 | Drunk Driving

Drunk driving charges may provide an individual’s first encounter with the criminal justice system, making it important for individuals accused of DUI to have as much information as possible. Nationally, police are increasing patrols for drunk driving throughout the holiday season. One regional Pennsylvania county only a couple of hours away reports that it will be increasing patrols for drunk driving in December through January 1, 2015. The nearby county reports that it is practicing a zero tolerance policy for drunk driving throughout the holidays. The drunk driving enforcement campaign is occurring throughout the country during the holiday season.

Driving under the influence allegations and charges are serious and individuals charged with a DUI face the potential consequence of going to jail. In addition, an individual convicted of a DUI charge potentially faces a driver’s license suspension, a driver’s license revocation and increased insurance rates which can take a financial toll on the party facing a DUI.

The legal limit for drunk driving in Pennsylvania is .08 and drivers who have a blood alcohol content equal or greater than the limit may face drunk driving charges. The DUI laws in Pennsylvania are complex and harsh and include increasing penalties for different circumstances such as increased blood alcohol content levels.

It can be helpful to promptly evaluate criminal defense options following a DUI charge. It is important to bear in mind that based on procedures police are required to following when making a DUI arrest, various challenges to the arrest and charges may be made. For example, breath tests and field sobriety tests must, each respectively, be properly administered; if they are not, the accused party may be able to challenge the evidence being used against them. Reducing or eliminating DUI charges and penalties may be possible through a capable DUI strategy.

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