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Doctor charges with drugging and raping patients

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2015 | Sex Crimes

A Chambersburg, PA physician has been arrested and charged with 23 criminal counts involving drugging and sexually assaulting several female patients. The counts include rape, attempted rape, deviate sexual intercourse, indecent assault and crimes relating to providing the victims with a controlled substance.

Ironically, the doctor specializes in women’s health and wellness. According to the victims, the doctor gave them some form of drug that would impair their consciousness. A 19-year-old woman accused the doctor of surreptitiously giving her an anti-insomnia drug popularly known as Ambien. Tests of the woman’s blood and urine confirmed that she had the drug in her system. A 13-year old girl said that the doctor was supposed to provide transportation for her to a school dance and that she was supposed to spend the night in the doctor’s house. She said in an affidavit that he gave her a slushy drink that was spiked with vodka. The drink made her dizzy and unable to walk properly. She said the doctor placed her on a bed, removed his clothes, and raped her. Two older women also accused the doctor of using alcohol and drugs in order to sexually abuse them. The doctor is being held in the Franklin County Jail on bail of $2 million. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 31.

The doctor denied the charges but posted a comment on his Facebook page that said in part, “For those who were harmed by my touch or words, I humbly seek your forgiveness and solemnly promise not to repeat the same mistakes.” His license to practice medicine has been suspended.

A charge of sexual misconduct can have a permanent adverse effect on a person’s professional and personal life, even if the person is ultimately acquitted of the charges. Representation by an attorney who has had experience defending against such charges and dealing with the media may be an effective way to minimize the damage that can be done by such charges.

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