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Pennsylvania man charged with murder, despite denial

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2015 | Violent Crimes

A Scranton man has been charged the murder of the woman who lived across the hall from him in a suburban apartment building. The suspect has vehemently denied that he committed the murder, but police have disclosed certain forensic evidence that they say will be decisive at trial.

The woman’s body was found in her apartment in December 2014. She died from blunt force trauma. Blood was reportedly found in the hallway outside her apartment and in the apartment. A four-month investigation led to the recent arrest of one of the woman’s neighbors in the apartment building. The man has stated in court and in questioning by the police that the woman was his best friend and that he did not kill her.

After arresting the man and taking him to Scranton Police Headquarters, the police described their investigation as “putting pieces of a mosaic together.” One item they reportedly found is a baseball bat that was found in the defendant’s apartment. It was covered with blood and supposedly contained DNA from both the dead woman and her accused killer. Police believe that the woman was beaten to death with the bat and perhaps another instrument. Witnesses also told police that they claimed they saw the man and woman together on the day she died.

In what may be the most critical evidence in the case, police say they overheard the defendant on the interrogation room video system saying, “I can’t believe they got me.” Nevertheless, the defendant has vowed to fight the charges against him.

If the defendant intends to fulfill his vow, he more than likely require legal help. With no eye witnesses, the case will turn on how the jury perceives the forensic evidence and whether they believe the defendant. It is important to present the evidence at trial in the light most favorable to the defendant. Without legal assistance, the defendant will be at a severe disadvantage.

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