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: Surveillance tape, auto sales records lead to robbery suspect

On Behalf of | May 27, 2015 | Criminal Defense

The widespread use of security cameras often assist police in finding persons who may have robbed a convenience store, bank or other business that uses such devices. In a recent case, police in Lackawanna County used a video surveillance tape and automobile sales records to identify and arrest the suspect in a local bank robbery.

The robbery occurred at the P & G Mehoopany Employees Federal Credit Union in Eynon, just after 10:30 a.m. The thief entered the bank wearing a blue baseball cap and a full mask, holding a bag and carrying a stun gun. The thief showed the gun to the tellers and demanded cash. The thief escaped with more than $7,000. Based on a review of the bank’s surveillance tape, police believed that the robber was a woman and that she tried to disguise her body shape by stuffing her clothing with paper bags.

The surveillance tape also disclosed another vital clue: the thief was driving a blue Hyundai Vera Cruz. Police reviewed the records of sales of similar Hyundai automobiles in Lackawanna County and identified a sale that led them to the suspect’s home in Clarks Green. The woman was arrested and imprisoned. Police also found a blue baseball cap that resembles the cap worn by the thief in the surveillance video. The defendant faces federal armed robbery charges and could serve a maximum of 25 years in prison if she is convicted.

The charges against the suspect in this case are very serious. Any person facing similar criminal charges may wish to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney for an evaluation of the circumstances, enumeration of possible defenses and an estimate of the chances of securing an acquittal.

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