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June 2015 Archives

: Pennsylvania has third most lenient DUI laws

Hardly a year passes without one or more states increasing the severity of penalties for drunk driving. Pennsylvanians may wonder how their state stacks up against the other 49 on the severity of its DUI penalties. The results may surprise some readers of this blog.

Facing DUI charges? We may be able to help

The authorities aggressively pursue, and prosecutors aggressively seek to punish, those they believe have engaged in drunk driving. As discussed a couple of weeks ago on the blog, one way this is accomplished is by subjected suspected drunk drivers to a breathalyzer test. However, these machines are not always properly calibrated, causing otherwise innocent individuals to be hit with drunk driving charges.

: How reliable is a breathalyzer?

Whenever a motorist in Pennsylvania is stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, the arresting officer must request that the motorist submit to a test to determine his or her blood alcohol content ("BAC"). The most common method of administering such a test is the use of a "breathalyzer," a device that measures the amount of alcohol in a person's lungs and then determines the amount of alcohol in the person's blood. (The request for the test can be refused, and the consequences of a refusal were explored in this blog on May 13, 2015.) Most people, including the police who use them, assume that the breathalyzer test is both accurate and reliable, but this assumption is not necessarily correct.

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