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Attempt to evade police leads to assault, DUI charges

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2015 | Drunk Driving

No one likes to see the flashing emergency lights on a squad car in their rear view mirror, but trying to run away from those lights can be a serious mistake. Last week, a Scranton man attempted to flee police to escape a DUI charge, and he wound up facing several serious criminal charges in addition to the DUI.

During the pre-dawn hours on Friday morning, a Scranton patrolwoman saw a man sitting in a silver sedan. As the officer approached the sedan on foot, the driver saw her and immediately floored the accelerator and began a high-speed chase. The officer jumped to one side as the car sped off and began to write a criminal complaint as another squad car sped by her in pursuit of the sedan.

The pursuing officer turned on his emergency lights, but the sedan did not stop until it had collided with a moving vehicle and two parked cars. The driver allegedly attempted to flee on foot, but he fell and was arrested and taken into custody. Instead of being charged with only a DUI, the driver was charged with DUI and aggravated assault by vehicle, recklessly endangering another person, flight to avoid arrest and several additional crimes. The driver is being held in Lackawanna County Prison in lieu of $75,000 bail.

Anyone who is facing charges relating to an arrest for DUI and attempting to escape a lawful arrest may be facing a series of criminal charges. In these cases, people have constitutional rights that can be upheld. Taking steps to protect those rights is a must in these situations.

Source: Scranton Times-Tribune, “Man charged after chase in Scranton,” Joseph Kohut, July 11, 2015