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August 2016 Archives

Cocaine blamed in DUI death, resulting in homicide charge

Most accidents involving drunk driving occur in during the evening hours because that is the time of day when most people turn to alcohol and other intoxicants for relaxation and recreation. However, as a Lackawanna County district attorney observed in relation to a recent fatal accident that occurred at 10:00 a.m., "DUIs don't have to happen after 11 o'clock at night."

Understanding the entrapment defense in Pennsylvania

This blog has written on several occasions about police in Lackawanna County using "controlled" drug transactions as the basis for arresting and charging persons with various drug offenses. An important limit on the police's ability to use such tactics is the so-called "entrapment defense," a rule of the legal system that prevents police from inducing a person to commit a crime that the person was not otherwise inclined to commit.

What penalties could one face if convicted of a 2nd DUI charge?

There are many non-violent offenses that could lead to jail time if convicted, but charges related to DUI or DWI are by far one of the most common for Pennsylvania residents to be accused of. Whether or not there is any legitimacy behind the allegation of DUI, there can be much concern for what a conviction could mean for the future of the accused and his or her family. The reality is that, if convicted, a person could face serious penalties if found to be a first time offender of DUI, but especially if he or she is a repeat-offender.

Controlled purchase of crack used to arrest two women in Scranton

Lackawanna County detectives use a common technique for detecting illegal drug sales and arrest those presumably responsible for it. The technique - known as a "controlled purchase" - involves using a police investigator to purchase drugs from a dealer while detectives are observing the transaction. In a recent case involving two women, the drug was crack cocaine, and the two suspects are now facing various drug-related criminal charges.

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