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Controlled purchase of crack used to arrest two women in Scranton

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2016 | Criminal Defense

Lackawanna County detectives use a common technique for detecting illegal drug sales and arrest those presumably responsible for it. The technique – known as a “controlled purchase” – involves using a police investigator to purchase drugs from a dealer while detectives are observing the transaction. In a recent case involving two women, the drug was crack cocaine, and the two suspects are now facing various drug-related criminal charges.

According to the police complaint, the two women were arrested after supposedly selling two bags of crack cocaine to a police investigator in a controlled purchase set up by the police. Once the sale was completed, detectives arrested the two women who sold the crack. After the arrest was complete, a trained drug sniffing dog swept the vehicle and found 25 unknown pills and a digital scale in the purse of one of the women. According to the police, digital scales are commonly used by drug dealers to measure drugs prior to a sale.

One of the women was discovered to have a prior criminal record. She and her husband were indicted in 2014 for sex trafficking using underage girls. The woman was convicted and sentenced to 16 months in prison. Following their arrests for the drug offenses, the two women have been incarcerated in Lackawanna County Prison and are waiting for the scheduling of their preliminary hearings.

Those accused of drug crimes are presumed innocent until proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Nevertheless, when defendants are facing serious criminal charges that could result in a large fine or imprisonment or both, he or she will want to consider the criminal defense options available to them. Whether it is seeking to suppress evidence or make a defense claim, a defendant could have the charges against them reduced or even dismissed.

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