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What penalties could one face if convicted of a 2nd DUI charge?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Drunk Driving

There are many non-violent offenses that could lead to jail time if convicted, but charges related to DUI or DWI are by far one of the most common for Pennsylvania residents to be accused of. Whether or not there is any legitimacy behind the allegation of DUI, there can be much concern for what a conviction could mean for the future of the accused and his or her family. The reality is that, if convicted, a person could face serious penalties if found to be a first time offender of DUI, but especially if he or she is a repeat-offender.

While a person facing a first-time DUI accusation is certainly concerned, those who are facing a charge as a repeat offender could face much more serious penalties under Pennsylvania law. Those convicted for a second time could very well face jail time if convicted. This is not to mention the serious fines that could range up to $10,000. A driver’s license suspension is also a real possibility as a means for punishing repeat-offenders of DUI.

However, these penalties can only be imposed after conviction in a Pennsylvania court of law. Keep in mind the severity of a driver’s blood alcohol level could greatly impact the punishment determined by the court. Other circumstances could also greatly impact the decision since there is a range of sentences for DUI. Specific nuances or extenuating circumstances should be made known to the court if one is accused of DUI.

Whatever the scenario, it is important for people accused of DUI to understand how severe the punishment could be if convicted of the crime. It can have a huge impact on the rest of their lives.

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