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Initiating a defense against government corruption charges

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2016 | White Collar Crimes

When individuals in Pennsylvania are charged with a crime, it can be difficult to prove their innocence when so many have already decided they are guilty. While criminal accusations can carry with them a variety of personal and professional consequences, this should not prevent the accused from initiating a criminal defense and attempting to prove that he or she is innocent.

Facing a white collar crime such as government corruption can appear like a complex and intimidating matter. At Bernard J. Brown, our legal team is dedicated to diligently defending clients throughout Lackawanna County. Our firm is focused on protecting the rights of our clients and ensuring their best interests are served from start to finish.

Government corruption is often a politically sensitive matter. However, we will approach these cases with the utmost care and precision. Our legal team has experience in a wide array of criminal cases. Whether you are a civil servant facing embezzlement charges, a contractor accused of rigging contracts, an elected official suspected of accepting payoffs or a judge charged with receiving kickbacks, our experienced attorneys will consider all aspects of the case to determine the best legal defense options.

Our firm has the resources and skills necessary to fully investigate the matter, collect the required evidence and obtain credible witness and expert testimony. We are dedicated to meeting the goals of our clients, helping them prove their innocence.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s white color crimes website. No matter the criminal accusation, it is important to understand the defense options that are available to you. Doing so could help you reduce or even dismiss the charges against you.