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January 2017 Archives

'Bad dream' triggers attempted murder, assault charges

Everyone has disturbing dreams, but the disturbance usually ends when the dreamer awakens. In an unusual case in Lackawanna County, the disturbance from the dream did not end, and the dreamer is now facing a number of criminal charges, including aggravated assault and attempted murder.

Big rig driver strikes trooper after drinking, sniffing cocaine

Winter weather makes highway travel riskier for all drivers, especially those who have been drinking or using drugs. In a recent freeway crash on I-84 in Dingman Twp., the driver of a semi-trailer truck lost control of his vehicle, struck a highway patrol vehicle and hit a trooper. Accident scene investigation, including a breathalyzer test, alcohol and drugs appear to have been the root causes of the accident.

Return to accident scene does not absolve hit-and-run driver

Most people in Lackawanna County understand that a driver who is involved in a traffic accident is legally required to remain at the scene of the accident until the police arrive. Leaving the accident scene before police arrive can exposes a driver to criminal charges. In a recent incident in Scranton, a driver thought that he could bend the law a bit by leaving the scene and then returning as soon as possible. The police did not accept the excuse.

When may a juvenile be tried as an adult in Pennsylvania?

Whenever a young person is charged with committing a serious crime in Lackawanna County, a common question is whether the defendant will be tried as an adult or as a juvenile. This post will review the rules that determine whether a juvenile who faces serious criminal charges will be tried as an adult.

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