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School bus driver arrested on suspicion of child pornography

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2017 | Sex Crimes

School bus drivers transport millions of kids to school each day across the United States. Parents trust these drivers to safely deliver their children to school and back home again each day. Usually this is the case, but occasionally a school bus driver can be someone who is not the best person and may be involved in internet child pornography or other criminal activity.

A former school bus driver in Snyder County has been arrested for child pornography. The man was a school bus driver for Selinsgrove Area School District where he worked for about a year in 2014. The man allegedly showed some of the pornographic images to another bus driver who reported him. The images appeared to be downloaded from the internet and not images of children in the district. The man has been charged with almost 250 counts of sexual abuse of children.

Being arrested for a sex crime is a serious situation for Pennsylvania residents. Law enforcement and the public tend to have little sympathy for anyone facing these charges. In addition to prison time and high fines, those who are convicted of sex crimes like child pornography will also face a lifetime being listed on the sex offender registry. A legal professional who is skilled in criminal law can help a person who is facing these serious charges. They can aggressively defend their client and help them protect their professional life.

Sex crime charges can be devastating for a Carbondale resident. These charges tend to follow a person around for a long time and can even last a lifetime. The public is not kind to those who are convicted of sex crime which is why it is so important for those facing these charges to have legal representation.

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