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Helping Pennsylvania residents defend drug charges

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Individuals charged with drug crimes face many possible criminal penalties, including fines, probation and incarceration. Although, drug crimes no longer have mandatory minimums in state court, those convicted of weapons offenses or second drug offenses may still be sentenced to lengthy jail time. Depending on the amount of a controlled substance, those accused of possession may also face years of incarceration, as well as large fines.

Other consequences of drug charge convictions include the loss of employment opportunities, federal financial student aid and the right to possess a firearm. Those convicted may also face non-judicial consequences, such as losing their jobs and living with a stigma. It is therefore imperative for those accused of drug crimes to obtain skilled legal representation to help them defend their serious charges.

Attorney, Bernard J. Brown, can help individuals facing criminal charges, including felony or state drug crime charges, such as distribution, drug possession, drug trafficking, marijuana cultivation, manufacturing controlled substances in chemical labs and sale of controlled substances. He is skilled in negotiating minimized penalties and aggressively pursuing the best possible outcome for criminal cases.

He is dedicated to defending criminal defendants’ right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Those accused of crimes, which carry serious sentences, such as drug possession, drug manufacturing and drug trafficking will need to be prepared with a strong criminal defense. The law firm of Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law, provides Lackawanna County residents with diligent, knowledgeable representation and 24-hour availability. For more information on drug offenses, please visit our drug crimes page.