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Several Pennsylvanians facing insurance fraud allegations

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | White Collar Crimes

The Attorney General of Pennsylvania announced that 21 people from the western part of Pennsylvania are facing allegations of insurance fraud. This is just the latest step in a crackdown that the Attorney General’s Insurance Fraud Section claims has led to 163 criminal charges and over $750,000 in restitution payments.

The charges, which include “insurance fraud” these people are facing are felonies, which, as Carbondale residents probably know, can spell prison time along with fines, probation and other penalties. Those charged with these crimes will, for example, probably have to come up with large amounts of money to pay restitution if they are convicted.

The arrests do not seem to be related to a common scheme or plan between those accused of insurance fraud. For instance, in one case, authorities say that two people reported almost $20,000 in property being stolen from their car. Investigators claim that, in fact, no such property was ever stolen and the couple’s documents they submitted in support of their claim were fake.

In another case, an insurance agent is accused of forging insurance applications for people who did not exist so he could collect commission from his insurance company. Of course, the insurance company would not actually get any premium.

Insurance fraud is a serious while collar crime, and those being accused of it should take those allegations seriously. Pennsylvanians who are accused of this type of crime sometimes have made a one-time mistake because of financial or other pressures, and sometimes were simply people who did not understand the insurance or may have misled an insurance company carelessly, but not with any intention to do wrong.

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