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Defending those accused of violent crimes in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Criminal defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. However, the accused are often convicted in the court of public opinion long before being convicted in the court of law. This is especially true for those accused of violent crimes, such as murder, domestic assault and sex crimes. Attorney Bernard J. Brown is dedicated to protecting defendants’ rights during the entire legal process and ensuring that they are informed of all their legal options.

The Pennsylvania legal system can be complicated and overwhelming, especially for those facing manslaughter or murder charges. These individuals are at risk of losing their freedom and even their lives. Those accused of sex crimes also face serious consequences. In addition to jail time and other penalties, those convicted of a child pornography or other sex crime may be required to register under Megan’s Law. Personal information such as their name, address and place of work is then available to the public, sometimes for the person’s lifetime.

Due to a recent increase in gun crimes charges, the federal government has strengthened enforcement of gun laws. In Pennsylvania, those convicted of certain drug crimes may not be allowed to possess a firearm. Drug convictions in this state also carry serious penalties involving mandatory minimum sentencing. The law office of Bernard J. Brown is skilled in handling all types of violent crimes and assists clients facing charges for the most serious offenses.

It is imperative for those facing these types of serious offenses to have an experienced attorney who will diligently fight for their rights and a fair outcome in their case. Bernard J. Brown represents those facing all types of violent crimes charges, including domestic violence, rape, assault, battery, child abuse and kidnapping. For more information on these serious charges, please visit our violent crimes webpage.