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DUI criminal defense basics

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Drunk Driving

Because serious potential penalties and consequences can arise related to drunk driving charges, an equally serious criminal defense response is important. DUI convictions can result in both criminal and administrative penalties. Criminal penalties can include possible jail time, fines and other potential penalties. Administrative penalties include the suspension or revocation of the accused individual’s driver’s license and other possible consequences.

Because of the far-reaching impact of DUI charges, when an individual has been arrested for DUI, it is important they understand their criminal defense options and how to form a strong criminal defense response. When procedural protections in place to ensure those accused of crimes are treated appropriately have been violated, it may form a basis for the accused individual’s criminal defense. Accused individuals must be informed of their rights and those rights must also be protected.

Questions that should be asked when an individual is facing DUI charges is if authorities had adequate cause to stop the accused individual’s vehicle; if authorities read the accused individual their rights; if any breath test that was administered was administered properly; and if a blood sample was taken, if it was taken in an appropriate amount of time after the stop. Answers to these questions are part of developing a strong criminal defense strategy.

A strong criminal defense strategy may reduce penalties the accused individual is facing or may help eliminate them altogether in some circumstances through enrollment in a drug and alcohol treatment program. Because so much is on the line when an accused individual is facing DUI charges, it is essential that accused individuals understand their criminal defense options and rights.