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Pennsylvania woman facing fraud charges and accusations

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | White Collar Crimes

The criminal justice system provides important rights and protections for accused individuals to be familiar with. In a Pennsylvania community southwest of the Carbondale area a transportation supervisor was recently accused of stealing greater than $179,000 from a school district. According to authorities, the 38-year old woman is accused of submitting fraudulent invoices from a transportation company to the school district for payment and then keeping the checks without the transportation company’s knowledge that the invoice was sent or the check was issued.

In addition, the woman is accused of altering invoices sent from the transportation company to the school district, thereby creating overcharges. The woman would then allegedly keep the money when the district remitted payment. She also allegedly added her name to some checks and forged the signature of a manager on others. Authorities allege that over a period of approximately a year and a half the woman altered 44 checks.

The woman worked for nearly 4 years as the district’s transportation supervisor but resigned when the fraud was alleged. The woman was charged with one count of theft by deception; 44 counts of forgery; 67 counts of unlawful use of a computer; and six counts of access device fraud. Because of the serious potential penalties and consequences an accused individual is facing whenever criminal charges are alleged, preparing a strong criminal defense is essential.

Fraud charges serious charges that carry potentially stiff penalties that can deprive an accused individual of their future and freedom. Criminal defense options depend on the circumstances but accused individuals always have criminal defense protections that ensure important procedures are followed to safeguard their rights.

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