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April 2018 Archives

What is embezzlement?

Embezzlement charges can be serious charges for an accused individual to face which is why anyone charged with embezzlement may rightly wonder what the charge entails. By definition, embezzlement refers to the fraudulent taking of personal property by a party it was entrusted to. Embezzlement can occur whether the personal property in question is transferred to a third party or not and is most commonly understood as the misappropriation of money.

Criminal defense protections for sex crimes charges

While sex crimes can sometimes be a sensitive topic of discussion, it is important that those accused of committing sex crimes understand that criminal defense protections apply to them, the accusations against them and the charges they are facing, as well. Sex crimes refer to a range of criminal charges and can result in serious penalties and consequences to accused individuals including prison time and registration requirements.

Criminal defense resources for domestic violence

Domestic violence charges are serious charges. In Pennsylvania, domestic violence charges are based on the circumstances and the standard charges include assault, aggravated assault or battery. It is up to the prosecution in Pennsylvania to determine if domestic violence charges will be pressed. Under Pennsylvania laws, domestic violence includes causing bodily injury; assault; or knowingly engaging in repeated conduct that creates the fear of bodily injury.

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