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May 2018 Archives

The basics of cybercrime and serious criminal charges

This blog recently discussed what child pornography charges include and, because many of them involve the use of a computer, it can be useful to also understand what qualifies as a "cybercrime," which refers to a variety of online activities that may be criminal and do not all refer, certainly, to sex crimes. To begin with, some cybercrimes are unique to online activity, such as hacking, while others are common crimes committed using a computer, like larceny or fraud.

What are child pornography charges?

There is little doubt that you are aware that child pornography charges are serious criminal charges but you may wonder exactly what they refer to and what the potential penalties are. Under both federal and state laws it is crime to possess, produce, distribute or sell pornographic materials that exploit or portray minors. Minors are considered children under the age of 18. Child pornography can include serious potential criminal penalties, as well as personal and social consequences, that the accused individual should be aware of.

The importance of innocent until proven guilty

Most of us have heard the phrase "innocent until proven guilty," as it plays an important role in the criminal justice system and has significant meaning for any individual who has been accused of a crime. The presumption of innocence is a paramount feature of the criminal justice process in the United States and serves to protect individuals who have been accused of committing a crime.

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