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The serious nature of drug charges and potential penalties

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Drug charges are always serious charges that carry potentially stiff consequences and penalties. A good criminal defense may be able to reduce the charges the accused individual is facing, or reduce the potential penalties the accused individual is facing, so accused individuals should always be familiar with their criminal defense rights and options.

Drug charges can lead to incarceration, steep fines and probation. Mandatory minimum sentences can apply to charges based on the amount of drugs the accused individual is alleged to have been in possession of. In addition, potential penalties and consequences can increase if the accused individual has faced drug charges in the past. Drug charges can result in a loss of freedom as well as the accused individual’s ability to possess a firearm and can also limit their future educational, employment and housing opportunities.

Drug charges can include: drug possession charges; drug trafficking charges; drug distribution charges; cultivation of marijuana; charges related to a meth lab; or the sale of a controlled substance. The nature of the charge the accused individual may face depends on the situation and circumstances. Likewise, the criminal defense strategy that is best for the accused individual depends on the situation and circumstances.

A strong criminal defense strategy will ask: if the facts the authorities allege are true; if authorities violated any required procedures or the rights of the accused individual; and if witness statements that may be used against the accused individual are reliable. It is important to begin preparing a criminal defense strategy promptly when facing drug charges and to never take drug charges lightly.