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August 2018 Archives

Disagreement about liquor ID becomes fight, robbery and DWI

Store clerks who sell liquor in Pennsylvania are required to ask for identification and proof that the customer is old enough to legally purchase intoxicating beverages. Ordinarily, the transaction is simple and quick, but a recent argument about showing identification turned into accusations of a fight, a robbery and a DWI.

Government contracts and state law

Working with the state government can be lucrative business for all different types of industries. When roads need to be built, the government will ordinarily have to hire a construction firm. Even in the office environment, governments will often rely on outside professionals to do important public work.

Insurance fraud entails more than staging accidents

When people in the Carbondale, Pennsylvania, area think of insurance fraud, the first thing that comes in to their mind might be someone burning down their own house or staging a car accident in order to collect insurance money that, in reality, they want for other reasons totally unrelated to an accident.

Legal secretary charged with stealing $175,950 from employer

Many lawyers rely on their secretaries to handle accounting duties, including depositing receipts and paying bills. Secretaries in this position have frequent opportunities for self-enrichment, but most resist the temptation and follow the highest ethical standards. The recent arrest of a secretary who works for a Scranton attorney shows what happens when the ethical restraints are ignored.

Commissioners' ex-chief-of-staff charged with indecent assault

Fear of deportation affects the behavior of many immigrants who have recently come to the United States. People who are aware of this tendency frequently use it to prey upon migrants for their own purposes. One emerging example of such behavior involves alleged indecent assault and the former chief-of-staff of the Lackawanna County Board of Commissioners.

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