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Commissioners’ ex-chief-of-staff charged with indecent assault

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Sex Crimes

Fear of deportation affects the behavior of many immigrants who have recently come to the United States. People who are aware of this tendency frequently use it to prey upon migrants for their own purposes. One emerging example of such behavior involves alleged indecent assault and the former chief-of-staff of the Lackawanna County Board of Commissioners.

According to investigators, the man had a pattern of approaching young Hispanic men and making sexual advances. He was specifically spotted making advances to a Latino male in the P&R Discount Store in Eynon. Investigators have alleged that the man chose Latino men because their fear of deportation caused them to submit to the advances.

The manager of the discount store said the young Latino clerks would hide in the stock room to avoid the advances. Prosecutors said that the first victim was an immigrant teen who spoke little English and is not an American citizen. Prosecutors also claimed that fear of deportation caused witnesses to refuse to be interviewed by the police or come forward with useful evidence.

The man’s attorney said that the charges are the result of a misunderstanding and do not describe a criminal act. The Lackawanna County Attorney’s office has charged the man with indecent assault and harassment in the case of the store clerk in Eynon.

The defendant in this case is facing charges that could destroy his reputation, even if he were to be acquitted. Anyone in a similar situation may want to confer with an attorney who is experienced handling such cases. Often, the most important aspect of representation is dealing with the adverse publicity. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will know how to control the disclosure of facts about the case in addition to being able to evaluate the evidence and negotiate a favorable plea agreement.