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September 2018 Archives

DUI victims group pushes for stronger penalties

As the Pennsylvania legislative session nears adjournment, people who consider themselves victims of drunk drivers are pushing for stronger penalties. The draft legislation is aimed at repeat drunk drivers, and its principal goal is to make a third DUI offense a felony.

Arson investigation in Weatherly leads to other charges

Police investigations of major crimes often lead to the discovery of other crimes involving the same suspects. The two-year investigation of a suspected arson in Weatherly, has led local police to other crimes as well, including crimes related to drugs and explosives.

How does a Breathalyzer work?

Most residents of Lackawanna County are aware that local police departments use a device called a "Breathalyzer" to measure the blood alcohol content of persons believed to be driving under the influence of alcohol, but very few understand how such devices work. While details vary depending on the model, most Breathalyzers operate on the principles outlined below.

Police seek arrest of contractor charged with fraud

Police are searching for a Lackawanna County man who is believed to have committed several acts of home improvement fraud. The suspect appears to have been part owner of a home construction firm several years ago, but police believe that he has recently been using fraudulent home improvement contracts to steal money from homeowners who thought they were hiring the man to perform various repairs.

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