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Arson investigation in Weatherly leads to other charges

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Violent Crimes

Police investigations of major crimes often lead to the discovery of other crimes involving the same suspects. The two-year investigation of a suspected arson in Weatherly, has led local police to other crimes as well, including crimes related to drugs and explosives.

The fire in question occurred two years ago on a residential street in Weatherly. A surveillance camera captured images of two individuals setting a fire in a vacant house. The police suspected arson as the cause almost immediately, primarily because the fire spread so quickly.

Heat was so intense that it damaged houses across the street. Ultimately, the fire destroyed or damaged seven buildings and caused over a million dollars in property damage. One of the two arson suspects was already in custody on a drug charge, and a warrant has been issued for the other suspect.

Based upon evidence gathered during the arson investigation, police identified two persons as selling narcotics and explosives. The two men arrested on suspicion of setting the arson fire allegedly work for the pair. One of the two men owned the house that was the object of the arson, and he is alleged to have collected $236,000 in property insurance. According to police in Weatherly, the other crimes being investigated in connection with the arson are very, very serious.

Arson by itself is a serious crime, and anyone convicted of it faces significant prison time and a large fine. Anyone facing potential charges for arson may wish to consult an experienced criminal attorney for an evaluation of the evidence and the facts that will govern the case. A knowledgeable lawyer can also suggest potential defenses and, if the circumstances warrant, assist in negotiating a favorable plea agreement.