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Police seek arrest of contractor charged with fraud

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | White Collar Crimes

Police are searching for a Lackawanna County man who is believed to have committed several acts of home improvement fraud. The suspect appears to have been part owner of a home construction firm several years ago, but police believe that he has recently been using fraudulent home improvement contracts to steal money from homeowners who thought they were hiring the man to perform various repairs.

A woman in Lower Saucon Township described her interactions with the man to police. She said that the man spoke to her about re-siding her home in March 2018. The woman paid the man $6,000 when the contract was signed, and she agreed to pay an additional $5,000 when the work was completed. Several months passed with no work being commenced, and the woman notified the police.

Lower Saucon Township Police interviewed the owner of a local construction company who said that the suspect was formerly a partner in the business but that he had left the firm before the events in question occurred. (Investigators did not disclose their reasons for choosing this person to interview about the crime.) Police then obtained a photograph of the suspect, and he was identified by the woman who had complained to the police. Police had said that the man has a prior criminal history involving similar crimes. A warrant has been issued for the man’s arrest on suspicion of various crimes involving home improvement fraud and theft.

The suspect in this case could face serious criminal charges if he is found and arrested. Like anyone else who is facing similar charges, the suspect may wish to consult and experienced criminal defense attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can provide a useful analysis of the facts and law that will govern the outcome of this case and suggest possible defense strategies. If warranted by the circumstances of the case, a capable defense attorney may be able to assist in negotiating a favorable plea agreement.