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October 2018 Archives

New DUI law stiffens penalties and includes felony charges

Pennsylvania has long been unique as one of only four states whose drunk driving laws did not make any form of DUI violation a felony. The legislature has now shed that questionable distinction by passing a bill that makes certain repeat offenders guilty of a felony.

Two Lackawanna County insurance agents charged with fraud

Most insurance agents who deal with residents of Lackawanna County are willing to help their customers submit claims to their insurers, and some even act as advocates for the customer if the claim is rejected. Rarely, however, do these agents attempt to persuade their clients to submit false claims. Two agents in Lackawanna County were recently arrested and charged with insurance fraud.

Weapons and hate crime charge raises mental health issues

The line between expressing forbidden criminal intent and aberrant mental health can be quite vague. The case of a man currently in the Lackawanna County Prison demonstrates the difficulties of distinguishing between expressions of intent to commit hate crimes and statements resulting from an emotional disturbance.

Understanding Pennsylvania's implied consent law

Many residents of Lackawanna County have heard of "Breathalyzer tests" or "implied consent," but few understand the law behind the names. The Pennsylvania Legislature, like legislatures in the other 49 states, has passed a law that requires all persons driving on the state's roads to consent to a test of their blood alcohol content when requested to do so by a police officer. The consequences of refusal can be severe.

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