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November 2018 Archives

Horror movie provides inspiration but no justification for theft

Movies can have powerful impacts on their audiences. Some movies make people laugh, some movies entertain people, and some movies frighten people. Two teenagers in Scranton recently confused the fictional world in the movie "The Purge" with real life and are now facing several criminal charges.

Understanding how extradition works

Police in Lackawanna County recently arrested a woman who had been accused of selling a controlled substance in Cortland, N.Y. According to news reports, the woman was extradited from Pennsylvania to New York to stand trial. Such occurrences are common - a person is accused of committing a crime in State A and flees to State B, where the person is arrested. Soon after the arrest, the suspect is physically transported to State A and incarcerated pending a trial. How does this process work?

Police arrest three men in $100k debit card fraud

The proliferation of credit cards and debit cards has, not surprisingly, led to the proliferation of crimes involving these cash substitutes. Police in South Abington Township in Lackawanna County recently arrested three men who are alleged to have operated a widespread network of fraud that was reliant on stolen credit card and debit card numbers.

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