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Hacking might look fun, but it can lead to damaging consequences

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Firm News

Most people who have grown up with computers know about hacking and how it can be used to get into other people’s computers and smart devices. Some people “hack” into their friends’ devices to play pranks on them or to post as them on social media.

While that’s not technically legal, it’s usually not something that leads to trouble. Something that can cause problems, though, is if you get into someone’s computer or smart device without permission and cause them harm.

You can think of hacking much like breaking and entering. You’re going somewhere that you’re not allowed to be and violating another person’s privacy. Some people who hack use hacks to destroy a computer, delete data, corrupt files or steal information, all of which are illegal and can lead to criminal penalties.

How can you be penalized for hacking into someone’s devices?

Every state has its own computer crime laws, and the government does as well. Depending on the websites and systems involved in a hack, a person could face serious charges at both the state and federal level. Some potential penalties may include fines, community service and imprisonment.

What should you do if you’re accused of hacking?

If you are accused of hacking or other computer crimes, it’s important that you defend yourself. This accusation could lead to significant trouble in your life, even if the charges are eventually dropped. Your attorney will help you protect yourself now and as the case evolves, so you can feel more confident in your defense and what to expect if you need to go to trial over the case.