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Assault makes up 10% of arrests

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2021 | Violent Crimes

If you considered the most common reasons for criminal arrests, what would you think leads the way? And where do you think that violent crimes like assault fit into that picture? 

The statistics show that assault is much more common than many people realize. In 2019, statistics show that it accounted for around 10% of all arrests. Now, those are just arrests, and not convictions, so many people may have been arrested and then released. But it’s still telling to see how common it is. 

Looking at the specific numbers around assaults

To break things down on a more specific level, there were 10,085,210 arrests in 2019, as reported by the Office of Justice Programs. While their focus was on juvenile crime for this report, they also reported overall numbers and included 25 and older as a category. Overall, 1,025,710 of those arrests were for simple assault. 

This was not the largest category, but it was near the top. For instance, the catch-all of “all other offenses” had 3,318,450, but that could also be broken down further. There were 1,024,510 drunk driving arrests, which is just slightly less. The police also reported 1,558,860 arrests for drug violations. 

Naturally, there could be some overlap in these areas. Someone could get arrested for drunk driving, assaulting the arresting police officer and having drugs in their car. This still gives you a rough breakdown of how and why arrests happen, though, letting you consider the ramifications and what it takes to avoid such an arrest. 

That said, if you are one of the millions of people facing criminal charges for assault this year, it’s wise to be proactive. You need to know what legal defense options you have.