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Are cyber crimes on the rise?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | White Collar Crimes

The threat posed by various types of cyber crimes seems to increase with every new technological advance. No matter if the improvement includes new software security or new hardware protection, these advances tend to introduce new types of fraudulent activity. Impeding cyber attacks is a formidable task that was only made more challenging over the past year by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A recent piece by Security Magazine highlights numerous pandemic-related cyber crimes focusing on various healthcare facilities, including:

  • There was an 8% rise in healthcare-related breaches reported in 2020 over 2019
  • Nearly 75% of the reported breaches involved healthcare providers
  • Nearly half (47%) of the reported breaches involved email attacks. This is up from the reported 42% in 2019.

Unfortunately, many of these reported attacks contained an international component.

While every new advance seems to bring new opportunities for fraud and breaches, there are generally five types of cyber crime.

  • Hacking, which is the act of gaining unauthorized access to data stored in a computer or on a network.
  • Malware or “malicious software,” which refers to a specific type of code that was written to infiltrate a computer’s normal function.
  • Identity theft, which is when one individual obtains the personal information of another individual and then uses that information to commit theft or fraud.
  • Social engineering is a type of psychological manipulation that is designed to manipulate individuals into divulging information that is considered confidential and protected.
  • Software piracy, which focuses on corporate or end-user software. It generally refers to the unauthorized reproduction, distribution and use of software.

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