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Operation Safe Holiday runs through January 1

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Drunk Driving

Drunk driving can quickly lead to serious penalties, which is why it’s so important to find a safe way home or to defend yourself if you’ve been accused. You could be looking at heavy fines and the potential for jail time if you’re convicted, which is the last thing anyone wants to have to deal with.

Living in Carbondale, it’s important that you note that a new safety program has begun. Officials in Lackawanna County have announced that Operation Safe Holiday is underway. This program started the day before Thanksgiving and will run through the first day of the New Year.  

Operation Safe Holiday looks for drunk, dangerous drivers

Operation Safe Holiday is designed to look for drivers who are drunk, but it also has other offenses that it is designed to detect. The Pennsylvania State Police, as well as other local departments, will be looking for people who aren’t wearing their seatbelts, those who may be driving recklessly and those who are impaired. 

If you plan to celebrate, remember to avoid intoxication

If you do think you’ll be going to events to celebrate this year, keep in mind that officers will be out in force. They will be monitoring the roads carefully to help save lives.

 It’s better for you to make a plan to get home safely before you ever head out to an event or social gathering. Choose a sober driver, use a ride-sharing service or opt to stay the night wherever you are. Being safe will help you avoid a serious crash and a DUI that could negatively affect you for years to come.