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Is drug use or addiction really the reason for crime?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Criminal Defense

The government has long known that there is a relationship between drugs and crime. They note that this relationship begins with the illegality of drugs in the first place, but it goes further than that.

For instance, someone who is looking to buy drugs may commit a robbery or similar violent crime in order to get the money to do so. Someone who is addicted to drugs may do something that they would never do otherwise because the addiction makes them feel like they have no choice. This is why a lot of crimes that appear to have nothing to do with drugs may actually be related to that drug use.

If someone breaks into a home to steal items that they can sell, the root cause may be that they know they need more money to purchase the drugs that they are addicted to or used to using. This doesn’t change the fact that the break-in was illegal, but it sheds some light on why it happens or why someone who doesn’t even want to commit a crime may still do so.

What type of assistance would someone need?

One important question to ask in cases like this is what type of assistance that individual actually needs to move beyond this type of criminal behavior. It is often too simple for the courts to assume that the person needs to go to jail and that they will be reformed when they come out. They may actually need treatment for their drug addiction and things of this nature. Without that, are they ever going to break this cycle?

If you are facing charges and you believe that drugs and addiction played a role, it’s wise to consider all of your legal defense options carefully.