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Police may use intense pressure to obtain a confession

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Police officers undergo training to help them identify individuals who feel nervous or anxious. They may interpret someone’s emotional responses to an unexpected encounter with law enforcement as an indication that they are guilty of some crime.

Once police officers suspect an individual, they will try to find evidence that constitutes probable cause for a search or an arrest. They will also likely question the person at length in hopes of pushing them to confess.

Understanding your right to remain silent and having the help of an attorney may be the only way to avoid succumbing to the pressure exerted by law enforcement.

A local woman learned the hard way about police tactics

A young woman initially pulled over for suspicious behavior while driving may not have asserted either the right to remain silent or the right to an attorney based on the news reports of her encounter with the police.

They questioned her and got her to admit to having hidden contraband in her shirt and then later to have placed it inside her own body. The police may have pressured her extensively or made her feel like she had no other choice. Unfortunately, the information she provided to the police during her interview will lead to serious drug charges.

Someone in that situation may have defense options still available to them, including challenging the initial traffic stop and possibly the conduct of the police during the encounter. For example, if she was not informed of her Miranda rights as they questioned her after arresting her, that could affect whether the courts view the confession as admissible.

Learning more about Pennsylvania drug charges and police behaviors can help you stand up for yourself if you have an encounter with law enforcement.