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A closer look at wire fraud

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Have you ever wired money to a friend or family member? If so, you know it’s a fast and easy way to help someone out in their time of need. However, if you have used this method of receiving money in any of the following ways, then you may be accused of wire fraud.

Understanding what is considered wire fraud is important. This is especially true if you are accused or arrested for this crime. Some of the most common types of wire fraud are explained here.

Check cash scams

This scam occurs when someone sends a person a check, requests that they cash it and then sends them the money. Usually, they offer a “payment” to the person cashing the check as a type of reward. Most people don’t catch on to these scams because banks will cash the check that shows up in the casher’s bank account. However, eventually, the bank finds out it was a fake check, deducts the money from the account or demands it be returned.

Romantic scams

Some people will create fake profiles on dating sites or other places where people are searching for love. They will start conversations with interested parties and build a type of virtual relationship with them. Eventually, they will request money for some type of emergency or to come to see them. At this point, the person will disappear with the funds that were sent.

Family situation scams

One of the most common targets for this scam is the elderly. They may receive a phone call or message about a relative being put in jail or needing expensive medical treatment and requiring money. Usually, the scammer will request money and ask that the individual not tell anyone else about the situation.

Fighting charges of wire fraud

If you’re facing wire fraud charges, you have legal rights. It’s best to learn about your legal options so you know the defenses you can use.